Developing your leadership mindset

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Andrew Murphy

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In the rapidly changing tech industry, leadership is more than just technical know-how. It's about envisioning a future and leading your team to success. The 'Developing your leadership mindset' course is expertly crafted to transition tech professionals into influential leaders. This course provides an in-depth exploration into the subtleties of leadership, emphasizing the shift from individual achievement to impactful team leadership.

Throughout this course, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, reshaping your perspectives and mindsets to prepare for the diverse challenges of tech leadership. You'll delve into understanding how different leadership approaches can significantly affect team dynamics, highlighting the role of emotional intelligence in leadership. The course offers a deep dive into your core values, beliefs, and principles, helping you to develop a unique and effective leadership style.

By constructing your personal leadership philosophy, this course enables you to create a solid foundation that will guide your decisions and actions as a leader. You'll gain insight into how your values and beliefs influence your leadership style, affecting your team's growth and your interactions with them. Embarking on this transformative journey, you'll lay the groundwork for effective and emotionally intelligent leadership in the tech world, shaping your identity as a leader equipped to navigate the complexities of the tech industry.

This journey is designed to explore and transform your perspectives and mindsets, preparing you for the multifaceted role of a tech leader.

What you’ll learn

  • Exploration of Leadership Perspectives: Understand how a leader's approach can profoundly influence team dynamics and the importance of emotional leadership.
  • Reflection on Core Values, Beliefs, and Principles: Delve into the quintessential building blocks that shape your unique leadership style.
  • Development of Your Leadership Philosophy: Construct a personal leadership philosophy to serve as your guiding compass throughout your leadership journey.
  • Impact of Values and Beliefs on Leadership: Recognize how the values and beliefs you endorse mold you into the leader you become, impacting your growth and interactions with your team.
  • Embrace Leadership: Leadership is not just about making decisions and driving results – it’s an emotional journey and a consistent process of growth. This journey often involves a blend of enthusiasm, anxiety, fear, and trepidation as we step into a role that requires us to guide and influence others.

Embark on this transformative journey and lay the foundation for your emotional leadership in the tech world. Discover the core values, beliefs, and principles that will shape your leadership style and philosophy.


Developing your leadership mindset

About the trainer

Andrew Murphy
Founder & Leadership Trainer

Andrew Murphy is a former software developer who has held various leadership positions in consultancies and SaaS companies like Linktree for over 10 years.

Andrew started out as a software developer and then progressed in his career to be manager and leader. Being a technical expert, probably like yourself, is great but Andrew learnt all the other important leadership skills to complement the technical skills he had in order to become an effective, less stressed and more confident tech leader.

By sharing his experiences, tools, and techniques, Andrew equips emerging and new tech leaders with the necessary skills for success in the workplace.

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