Get started today and progress your career with leadership skills.

Developing your leadership mindset

Learn what leadership means, the key skills needed for leadership, how to balance them effectively and how to feel good about your role as a new leader.

4 lessons / 3+ hours of learning

Delegating and managing tasks effectively

Learn how to understand the tasks and role of leadership. Gain a model on how to delegate effectively and what it means to "succeed" in a leadership role.

5 lessons / 3+ hours of learning

Building trust and communication as a leader

Gain and understanding of how to tackle difficult conversations (such as feedback and performance) more easily. Learn how to communicate your needs effectively.

4 lessons / 6+ hours of learning

Staying productive as a leader

Navigate leadership while maintaining high levels of personal productivity. This course provides practical tools and insights to help you be more productive.

4 lessons / 3+ hours of learning

Building peer relationships

Transform your approach to peer interactions, focusing on how your peers can help you achieve your goals, collaborate and build mutual respect.

4 lessons / 6+ hours of learning

Turning overwhelm into opportunity

Train yourself to develop the resilience and adaptability you need to thrive as a tech leader without defaulting to "just working harder".

7 lessons / 3+ hours of learning

Building a network of advisors

Gain an understanding of how to reach out to people who can help you in your career.

6 lessons / 2+ hour of learning

How to have 1-on-1s that really matter

Learn to have fun, but productive, 1-on-1s with your team, your boss and your peers.

6 lessons / 4+ hours of learning

Public speaking for introverts

Discover the secrets of how to get impact from your presentations and overcome your fear of public speaking.

4 lessons / 6+ hours of learning