Tech Lead Brief: GitHub CoPilot

2+ hours
Vadym Kukhtin

Course details

This course is targeting one main concept important for real life usage of Copilot - project development.

We will use a sample app and go through most stages of software project development with main focus on Development itself.

Main app would be covering up an area of equity management with 4 core methods to write:

  1. Capitalisation of the company
  2. Initial shares release of the company
  3. Shares split of the company shares
  4. Shares purchase by shareholders.

App would be simplified for this course to not overcomplicate the implementation as the main goal of this course is to teach how to use Copilot for software development, NOT build a fully-pledged equity management app.

NOTE: I am not an expert in equity management, just curious self-learner.

What you’ll learn

  • How to generate an idea for your next project (using basic ChatGPT 3.5)
  • How to create a Backend project for your idea
  • How to use Copilot to help boost your development productivity
  • How to use Copilot to fix issues and explain code chunks
  • How to write tests using Copilot.
  • How to create very simple Frontend app using Copilot to hook it up with Backend project

What this course is NOT targeting:

  • All potential use cases of Copilot
  • Every functionality Copilot has
  • Software development best practices

There are some optional lessons targeting basic ChatGPT usage for project idea generation and enhancement the features set of an existing project.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Developers, Engineering Managers, Senior Leadership
  • Engineers curious about GitHub Copilot basics in real scenarios



Development with Github Co-Pilot

  • Setting up Backend project
  • Install dependencies & entry file
  • Architecture of the app & Dockerising the app
  • Mongoose models Part 1
  • Connect MongoDB
  • Mongoose models Part 2
  • Add express routers
  • Continue with routers
  • Creating main service business logic
  • More business logic
  • Even more business logic
  • Update routers with business logic actions
  • Finish updating routers
  • Extra: Explain it and Fix it functions
  • Setting up Frontend project & Simple CSS suggestions

Tests generation

  • Unit tests generations and fixes
  • Integration tests generation and fixes

About the trainer

Vadym Kukhtin
Passion for Software Engineering and Leadership

Hey there! My name is Vad and as a software developer with quite some experience in different technologies and 10+ years experience in software development, I would like to share my experience with curious audience.

I want to mostly focus on Engineering Management and Leadership but nobody will stop me from sharing some insights on the latest trends!

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