Be hired up as a Manager

Advancing Your Career as a Manager

In this chapter, we will navigate the path of seeking a managerial position in a company. We will offer in-depth insights on preparing your CV, choosing the right company, acclimatizing to new roles, and surviving the first 90 days in a new position.

Key Points:

1. Preparing Your CV:
This section guides you on how to prepare an astonishing CV. We'll show which sections are more essential and what needs to be added in there.

2. Choosing the Right Company:
Discover how to determine the ideal company and understand if a company has the need for a manager.

3. Transitioning from a Lead Developer to Managerial Role:
Explore whether it would be beneficial to take on the role of a lead developer before progressing to a management position.

4. Managerial Interview vs Software Developer Interview:
Delve deeper into the differing expectations between a managerial and a software developer interview. Learn about the extra steps involved for a managerial role interview and understand the emphasis of each interview.

5. Navigating the first 90 Days:
Learn survival tips for your first 90 days in a new managerial role and get expert advice on optimal behaviors, strategies to succeed, and how to handle overwhelming situations.

Personal Experiences:

The information shared in this chapter is based on personal, friends and colleagues' experiences. They transitioned from senior or lead developers in one company to become managers in another.

Personal Advice

  • Don't be shy
  • Don't try to ft all of the boxes
  • Don't pay too much attention to years of experience
  • Don't let any interviewer intimidate you
  • Be prepared for rejections but remember, you only need one opportunity
  • Educate yourself with relevant books and courses. Network with the right people
  • Be prepared to make some mistakes and learn from them

Next Step:

Now, let us dive straight into preparing your CV!