How to choose a company

How to choose a company

Coming into a manager job for the first time is a seminal decision that can have a considerable effect on your professional development. It's vital to put a fair amount of thought into it to ensure it aligns with what you're looking for.

Choosing the Right Company

Your Career Goals, Values, and Priorities

Examine who you are and what type of work atmosphere, industry and culture you can thrive in. This should always be your first step when transitioning to a new role.

Researching Potential Companies

Try to find the perfect match for your career goals within the companies that you are considering. Look for organisations applauded for their leadership, ability to nurture growth and positive reputation.

Moving Forward as a First-Time Manager

Importance of Management Structure

The structure of management in any office can greatly affect the experience and development of an individual manager. Make it a point to understand how a company supports its managers and check if they offer mentoring or training programmes.

Growth Opportunities

Consider if there are opportunities to grow and progress within the company. This is an especially important aspect when you're thinking of taking a management position for the first time.

Assessing the Team and Colleagues

The Team You Would Be Leading

The team you will manage and the colleagues you will work with should be evaluated for synergy. A cooperative and collaborative team can facilitate your transition into management.

Dynamics and Personalities at Work

The various dynamics and individual personalities you face may need to align with your management style and approach, especially since you have minimal experience. It may be wise to be selective about your initial team.

Trusting Your Intuition

Although there is an emphasis on research and reflection, don't discount your intuition either. If something doesn't feel quite right, take that as a strong signal that the company might not be the right one for your first management role.


Remember that moving into a management position will bring about significant changes. Take your time and dedicate yourself to thorough research before making any decisions.