Recommended Materials for Aspiring Engineering Managers

As an aid to aspiring engineering managers, here are a few resources that were instrumental in my journey towards my first managerial position and helped prepare me for the associated workload. These resources not only equipped me with the necessary tools but also guided me through my lonely moments of uncertainty.

Key Resources for Engineering Management

In this section, we will analyze these resources in detail. Including:

  1. The Engineering Manager: The Basics - This is a Video course by myself designed to offer foundational knowledge on engineering management.
  2. The Manager’s Path - A book by Camille Fournier, giving an overview of engineering management.
  3. Managing Humans - Authored by Michael Lopp, this book provides insights into the complexities of dealing with human emotions in a work setting.
  4. The Culture Map - This book by Erin Meyer explores the impact of cultural differences in an increasingly global and virtual world.
  5. Team Topologies - Authored by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais, this manual offers strategies to overcome challenges of managing technical teams.
  6. The Little Book of Stoicism - Jonas Salzgeber's book provides timeless wisdom to help you stay calm in challenging circumstances and focus on what’s truly important