Be proactive

Essential Qualities For Future Managers: Enthusiasm and Proactiveness

In a changing business environment, certain qualities are vital for future managers, such as enthusiasm and proactiveness, a drive for change and the desire for improvement. This guide will help you understand how to adopt these qualities and demonstrate them effectively in your actions.


As a future manager, it's important to be proactive. This refers to two types of proactivity:

  • Proactiveness that keeps you busy and drives discovery of new solutions.
  • Proactiveness that involves creating value, e.g., by actively participating in meetings, taking notes, implementing new dashboards to track business metrics or even solving persistent problems.

It's critical to understand that proactivity that doesn't add value, such as making jokes or commenting on every thread, is not the kind of practice that can propel you to managerial positions.

Taking Initiative

Proactive individuals don't wait to be tasked or asked before making improvements or solving problems. By indicating your desire to take the initiative, you portray yourself as a motivated, resourceful individual capable of handling additional responsibilities.

Exceeding Expectations

Managerial roles often require going the extra mile. Proactive employees not only complete their tasks but also look to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results. This kind of commitment to excellence provides evidence of your willingness to invest the resources required to achieve significant results.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are vital. Instead of waiting for problems to escalate, identify potential challenges or inefficiencies, and propose solutions. This proactive approach contributes to the overall success of the organization.

Seeking New Responsibilities

Demonstrating your willingness to take on new responsibilities or projects is a clear sign of your potential for growth. By voluntarily taking on challenging assignments, you display your versatility and the ability to handle increased workloads.

Commitment to Self-Development and Learning

Proactive individuals are always looking to grow and improve. They do this by seeking training opportunities, staying updated with industry trends, acquiring new skills, and constantly demonstrating their commitment to professional growth.

Effective Communication

Proactive people are great communicators. They consistently share ideas and provide regular updates, clearly expressing their aspirations and goals. Effective communication makes others understand your proactive efforts, your achievements, and the value you add to the organization.


Remember, promotion is linked to action; demonstrating these proactive behaviors can set you on the track towards being a future manager. If you are waiting for more load or orders, it may signal you're not ready for a managerial role, as this requires the ability to self-direct, engage proactively, and continuously deliver exceeding results. Stay proactive and aspire for excellence! See you in the next lesson.