How to become an Engineering Manager for the first time

2 hours
Vadym Kukhtin

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You don't know how to become an Engineering Manager for the first time? This course is for you!

Here we will show you how to grow inside the same company or interview your way to another company and get the first offer as a Manager.

This course is full of easy to use and applicable advice to guide you through this really difficult process.

The whole course is targeting developer of any level who wants to be a Manager, including Lead engineers, currently responsible for technical delivery BUT not for people management.

Every lesson is based on reality proven examples and advises which already help at least dozen of people who are happy managers right now.

Current course is up-to-date with latest trends in interviewing, all stages are taken from real interviews which have been passed by actual senior developers or engineering managers, who did get an offer at the end of it.

If you will follow the advice, including books and courses recommendations, you will be prepared to embrace most of the difficult questions which you might be asked.

What you’ll learn

The whole course is separated by three main sections:

  • Grow inside your current company
  • Prepare your CV, choose company and interview to another company
  • And a few helpful courses and books to nail your first team masterfully!

Who this course is for

  • Senior developers who wants to obtain first Engineering Manager role
  • Lead developers who wants to become people managers



Grow inside the same company

  • Most obvious way
  • Find gaps and propose improvements
  • Use career framework literally
  • Be proactive
  • Use Feedback
  • Use Code Reviews
  • Re-organisation is a disaster... or opportunity
  • Management change. No worries
  • Build trust from your manager
  • Summary

Interview to another company

Books & Courses recommendations

About the trainer

Vadym Kukhtin
Passion for Software Engineering and Leadership

Hey there! My name is Vad and as a software developer with quite some experience in different technologies and 10+ years experience in software development, I would like to share my experience with curious audience.

I want to mostly focus on Engineering Management and Leadership but nobody will stop me from sharing some insights on the latest trends!

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